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Does your home or office have electrical problems? Are any of the sockets not taking plugs or failing to provide power? Does a breaker live up to its name and keep breaking? Do you have a rebellious switch that isn’t actually switching? Allow us to be your go-to Terre Haute Electrician!

Reasons why we are not just any regular old electrician service!

1) We provide expert service: Anything and everything electrical contracting in Terre Haute Indiana for your office or home is something we can install, repair, or fix. With the experts on our team and their exemplary customer service skills, we are sure you’ll call us again for future needs and tell those you know to give us a try.

2) We’re the safe choice: Our electrician Terre Haute technicians go through a rigorous vetting process, including drug testing and robust background checks. When working in your home or office, you need a professional commercial electric in Terre Haute Indiana to take necessary steps to protect themselves, you, your pets, and your property from danger while handling the installation, repair, or upgrade project you call us for.

3) We’re prompt and courteous: You do not waste time sitting around pondering where your assigned electric service company in Terre Haute Indiana is at any given time. We know you’re busy and that the work we do is eating up a part of your hectic schedule. Our scheduling is not done in big blocks of time to give us the flexibility to handle all our calls. As such, we slot our technicians in windows of only a few hours, so that we can give an accurate heads up call around a half an hour before we arrive. That way, you know when to expect us pulling up and knocking on your door. As Terre Haute is growing drastically, we’re here to be to your number electrician in Terre Haute!

Your Licensed Terr Haute Electricians

Given our location, we know that you likely have no shortage of service provider options when it comes to the type of solutions we’re offering. However, we strive to stand out from the crowd and offer only the best to our customers. Give us a call today to find out why we’re the best electrical service, Indiana! (765) 505-3055

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Adding a new outlet or fixture? We can help you safely install your new electrical additional.

Circuit Additions

Commercial property homeowners often need to add new circuits to their electrical service to expand.

Service Change

Electric usage meter technology is changing, and an upgraded meter will ensure both convenience and accuracy.